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Partial listing of Instruments that Lab Care is qualified to repair:

Partial listing of Instruments that Lab Care is qualified to repair:

Cooximeters AA Spectrophotometers Centrifuges Circulators Viscosity Baths Microscopes
Printers Refrigerated Baths Furnaces pH Meters Hotplates Knife Sharpeners
Plotters Refractometers Heating Mantles UV/Visible Spectrophotometers Vacuum Pumps Coagulators
Gamma Counters Ovens Timers Auto Distillation Units Balances Dishwashers
Flourometers Strainers Autoclaves Tissue Processors Histo Embedding Centers Freeze Dryers
Turbidity Meters Paraffin Pots Microtones Vortex Mixers CO2 Incubators Auto Samplers
Kjeldal Systems Chromatograph Refrigerators Cryostats Shakers Hybrid Incubators Refrigerators
Hoods Freezers Pipettes Stills R.O. H2O Systems Cytospins
Cell Washers Paraffin Dispensing Consoles Blood Banks Titration Systems Flame Photometers Blood Gas Analyzers
Cell Freezers Cyrostorage Units Coal Analyzers Flash Point Testers HPLC Systems Ultrasonic Cleaners
Conductivity Meters Polarimeters Pumps Chemistry Analyzers Burettes Cadaver and Mortuary Equipment
Cryoscopes Colorimeters Trace Metal Analyzers Dispensers Fibrometers DNA Codon Strainers
Gum Baths Extraction Units Ramsbottom Baths Stirrers Carbon Residue Apparatus Rheostats
Rh Typing Boxes Salt in Crude Analyzers RVP Baths Digestion Units Fraction Collectors Scales
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laboratory instrument repair. laboratory itrument calibration. laboratory instrument service.


Service Guarantee

Service is warranted for 30 days after completion of a service call. If the same defect occurs within 30 days, there will be no additional charges for labor or travel, except for any additional parts that may be required. Parts are warranted by the manufacturers warranty.

laboratory instrument repair. laboratory instrument calibration. laboratory instrument service.

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